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NEW: Freedom Alert Rental Program

Freedom Alert Rental

Last spring, one of our customers contacted us in a predicament.

She was about to go into the hospital for knee surgery that would have a long recovery period at home, when she’d have limited mobility and risk of complications.

This lovely lady lived alone in a small apartment and her daughter lived out of town. So, it wasn’t an option either for her to stay at her daughter or vice versa, but both were worried about what would happen if she fell or there was an emergency.

Now everything worked out fine in the end, but it got us thinking. And after a few months of searching, we found a solution that we feel can help anyone in a similar situation.

We’re happy to introduce Freedom Alert rentals at Healthwick.

For $1 a day, our customers can now rent a portable and reliable device that their loved one can wear like a necklace, and which let’s the wearer call a friend or family member with the push of one button.

Essentially, the Freedom Alert is a small 2-way communicator that works through the existing phone line to dial out to a series of up to 4 pre-programmed phone numbers when the call button is pressed.

If someone answers, the person wearing the pendant can talk to them as if they’re on the phone, all directly through the device they have in their hand.

And if there’s no answer at any of the phone numbers, Freedom Alert then dials 911 as the backup.

Unlike traditional wall units, the Freedom Alert pendant goes with you wherever you are – the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen or even the backyard – giving you peace of mind that no matter what happens, if you’re wearing the Freedom Alert you’ll instantly be able to ask for help.

Freedom Alert is perfect for:

  • Seniors with a history of slip and fall injuries.
  • Patients recovering at home alone from a stay in the hospital or after a medical procedure.
  • People with light to moderate dementia or Alzheimer’s, who may need reassurance from a loved one during confusing moments.
  • Family members with mobility problems that would make it difficult to get to the phone in case of accident or emergency.
  • Caregivers who worry about their loved ones being home alone when they’re out grocery shopping or running errands.

Why We Chose the Freedom Alert

Of all the products we looked at, we liked this one the best because it’s light, portable, water-resistant, has a 6 month battery life and even works when the power goes out.

We committed to making it easy for our customers by offering it as a low-cost rental that’s ready to use as soon as it arrives at your home.

We take care of the programming of the phone numbers so you don’t have to, and ensure everything is quality checked and fully charged before we ship it to your home.

Plus we give you (or your loved one) a courtesy call every month they have the Freedom Alert to remind them to check the batteries.

And shipping is free both ways.

Affordable, Reliable and Portable Peace of Mind

As an introductory offer, we’re pricing these at $30 per month rental, plus a one-time $50 set-up charge – affordable for fixed incomes but in line with the high quality materials of this device.

Our hope is that the new Freedom Alert rentals gives our customers more peace of mind and maybe even helps some of our older clients stay comfortably in their homes a little longer without worrying their loved ones.

There are limited numbers of the Freedom Alert available at Healthwick at the moment, so if you’d like to rent one, they’re available here on a first-come, first-served basis.

You will be welcome to join the waiting list if all units are rented.

Questions? Feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-877-775-6656 and our friendly Product Experts can answer any concern you have!

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