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Compressions Socks from Lunatik Athletiks

Need your compression socks to make a fashion statement?

Or are you looking for the medical benefits of compression hosiery but also want your personality to shine through?

Have you checked out Healthwick’s latest selection of Lunatik Athletiks Compression socks?

These Canadian designed socks come in bright colors and patterns to make you look fabulous!

My doctor suggested that I try compression socks that were 15-22 mmHg since all I needed was a mild compression to improve my circulation. It is important to have a chat with your doctor before purchasing compression socks to ensure that you purchase a suitable compression. Also, you will need to take a few leg measurements before deciding which size of socks are right for you. Check out Healthwick’s Guide to Compression Socks and Healthwick’s Compression Stocking Measuring Guide for more information.

I recently bought two pairs of Lunatik Athletiks Compression socks from Healthwick. The socks were easy to order through the Healthwick web site and they arrived at my doorstep only four days after I ordered them!

Since they were my first pairs of compression socks, I was a bit surprised at how getting them on was a little bit more challenging than my regular socks. That said, Healthwick does sell a Stocking Donner, which can make getting compressions socks on a breeze.

I like knowing that every time I wear my compression socks I improve my circulation, and reduce my chances of achilles injuries, shin splints, blood clots, and blisters. Best part is that I love sporting a fashion statement when I wear my Lunatik socks!


Oakville ON

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